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This page shows a selection of my work.

If you want to know what is for sale at the moment, please contact me via mail to receive my full catalogue.

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welcome to the family

After hour (2024)
120x100 - Acryl and plaster on Canvas 
Bildschirm­foto 2023-05-17 um 13.55.10.png
Don't tell me how to dress (2023)
60x80 - Acryl and pen on paper
Bildschirm­foto 2023-05-17 um 13.54.39.png
I got it from my mama (2023)
60x80 - Acryl and pen on paper
Hannah Müller-Hillebrand Artist Porträt_LR_48.JPG
Coming together (2024)
200x300 - Acryl on loose Canvas
_DSC1251 2.jpg
In vino veritas (2023)
105x140 - Acryl on Canvas
Pokerface (2023)
155x105 - Acryl on Canvas
Dancing in the moonlight (2023)
28x35.5 - Acryl on Paper
Ecstatic dance (2023)
100x140 - Acryl and crayon on Canvas
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