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Hannah Müller-Hillebrand (Mühi) is a contemporary artist currently based in Berlin.

Born in 1996 she grew up in the south of Germany with a huge passion for creativity and art.

After finishing her bachelor degree of design at Fh Potsdam in 2020, she now works as a full time artist and content creator.

To see all available pieces or for any other requests please contact:

Most of my work is very intimate and is often linked to a personal experience or emotion that I have experienced as a woman in this world today.

Creating is not only a way for me to understand the woman that I am, but the woman that I want to become.

I want to inspire on an aesthetic level yet also allow the viewer to come on a journey of self reflection.

Strong outlines are a recurring visual element. I want to incorporate the constraints and expectations that are imposed on us in society, but then break them up with more fluid shapes and colours.

Since I was a small child, I have kept a journal and my daily personal notes often influence my work. Sometimes a line or two make it onto a piece.


The majority of my drawings are created using acrylic paint on all different kinds of undergrounds from paper to canvas over linen or wood. 


I like to work with leftover materials I find on the streets and incorporate them into my pieces. This is not only about sustainable practices, but also because The idea of taking something that one might consider as rubbish and giving it a new life brings me joy.

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